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Socks and Sandals??? Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fall is almost here

You’ll FALL for Topsies

What happens when you take a great stretchy sock, your all time favorite flip flops and …add… multiply… and divide?

Voila !!

TOPSIES The sock and sandal flip flops for women, men and little people.

What’s a sock and sandal flip flop ? Well, it’s a new innovative flip flop in fabulous bright colors, cool embellishments, trendy animal prints, as well as the all time basic black. Topsies pull onto your foot and stretch and hug like a sock, yet have the casual attitude of a flip flop. The great thing about these stretch flip flops is they stay on your feet and are so cushy and soft between your toes… it doesn’t feel like you are wearing anything at all!

At this time of the year when it’s still sunny and warm and you want to update your look with skinny jeans, shorts or the new boyfriend jeans and you’re not ready for boots

Topsies are a great choice.

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A Spring Flip-Flop Out Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring is officially here and that means flip flop season is upon us! Have you ever thought, "I'd like to wear flip flops, but they are a pain in the foot!" They fall off, you step out of them, especially baby flip flops - one always gets lost... And mens flip flops... Can't climb a ladder in those to trim the trees or paint the gutters. There was a picture of Christina Aguilera in Star magazine (Mar 23) doing exactly that - stepped right out of her womens flip flops - 'a flip flop out' - How many times has that happened? (sigh) Christina - treat yourself and the baby to a pair of Topsies!!

The sun is shinng, warm weather is around the corner, it's time to take your toes out of hiding. Plan a pedi, choose your favorite color and swap out those flip flops for oh so edgy Topsies and all their fab fun colors.

Topsies... The best flip flop alternative.

Do & Don't

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Join The Topsies Revolution! Friday, February 27, 2009
Our world is changing rapidly, and we’ve all been starting to rethink our choices and making smarter decisions. Why not apply that to our footwear philosophy?

I'll be the first to admit that I've been stuck in a flip flop rut. I always grab the same old thing to throw on from my closet.

Instead, join me and make an easy and positive choice for change and fun…. join the Topsies Revolution! I've been inspired to try a new look-the flip flop alternative, and I think you will be too. A combination of two of my favorite things – comfort flip flop style and cool new alternative design. Try a few pairs of this newest staple, iconic designer footwear. Topsies are soo comfortable, your feet will feel like they are walking on air. Did I mention how great they look too ?

Wear them with any outfit from jeans to to a sundress or work out wear. Revolutionize your style and switch to Topsies. Your feet will thank you…these are the most comfortable stretch thong sandals under the California sun!

Is there any better way to beat the winter blahs and spice up your life than with a new look?

Be a part of the change revolution, buy a pair of Topsies, and if you love them- which I promise you will, please tell your friends! It's time for Change –

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Finally, Comfortable Flip Flops! Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I don't know about you, but I always thought my regular flip flops were comfortable. Then I heard about Topsies! I decided to try a pair, and they instantly became my favorite casual footwear!

It was not until I bought a pair of Topsies for my recent trip to Europe that I truly knew the meaning of comfortable sandals.

They were great from the moment I slid my feet into the super soft stretchy fabric until the moment I took them off at the end of a long day sightseeing. I mean, my feet felt incredible! The cushioned sole and soft fabric of this everyday footwear created a whole new world for my feet.

Not to mention, while sightseeing in Paris, the fashion capital of the world, many locals asked me where I got my cool Topsies. How fabulous is that?!

Now that I'm home, I'm going to get a couple more pairs for the summer. I think I'll even buy some for my husband for his birthday! He is so hard to buy for, but everyone can appreciate comfortable and stylish shoes.

Thank You Topsies for creating the most comfortable flip flops out there!

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It's a FLIP FLOP THROWDOWN! Thursday, February 19, 2009
First there was Bobby Flay’s throwdown …now there’s Topsies!

It's February and there is so much to talk about

Topsies are off and running! ...well, comforting my feet after running. We got a surprise comment from a gal who finished the New Orleans Marathon a few weeks back--“Topsies are the best post marathon shoe ever! They were so soft on my sore feet!!!!” But don't worry, you don’t have to be a runner to enjoy Topsies.

Topsies can also go to award shows and look great with any dressy outfit. They did after all go to the Grammy's on a guy with a Tux! I Haven’t seen a flip flop do that. Our popularity is growing and growing in so many places, crossing interest groups from fashion to after surfing comfort. Flip flops are great and I love ‘em, but there was room for more—much more.

Feet are uniting across America and whistling the Topsies tune! Check out the Topsies video in the newsroom, and find out why Topsies are the flip flop alternative. They are an iconic statement with a quirky attitude.

Sometimes you really just need a flip flop alternative… something …a little softer, a lot more comfy, a thong with some attitude, and unique designer footwear at a moderate price. Topsies are great to relax in, thrown on after tennis, wear at the beach, or add drama to an outfit for going out--and we all know that a flip flop just wont do!

Tell us! We want to know what do you do in your Topsies?

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Welcome To Topsies! Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hello to all of our new readers and followers of Topsies!

We are proud to post the first installment of our Topsies blog!

This new addition to the Topsies site will be a valuable resource for all Topsies lovers. Topics you will be able to read about in our blog include fashion tips, extended information about Topsies, and deals on our products, just to name a few. Remember, Topsies has a women's collection, a men's collection and a kid's collection, so tell your friends, family and significant others to check out our flip flop alternative.

We also hope to hear what you think about Topsies. We want to encourage you to share personal Topsies stories, and to reply to our future blog posts with questions, comments or anything that might be on your mind.

The team at Topsies is excited to launch our brand new blog. We are looking forward to providing you with bold footwear, and useful information and tips. We hope that you will continue to check back for updates. We want to make your life, and particularly your feet, as comfortable as possible.

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